2020 Regional Relationship Role

Coordinators might be wondering about the scope of the “2020 relationship role”  that has been offered to regional coordinators.  By way of context, we are offering three types of contracts for 2016-17:

OPTION A: 2020 Regional Coordinator (with regional relationship responsibilities for all 2020 programmes). We would expect that you would be the first point of contact for all current programmes within your region;  you would of course receive support from specialist teams for each of the 2020 programmes.  This is a 12-month contract.

OPTION B: Computers in Homes Regional Coordinator (with regional responsibilities for just the CIH programme). This is a 6-month contract.

OPTION C: Computers in Homes Delivery Partner.  This is a 12-month contract and only applies in regions where an Area Manager or 2020 Relationships Manager has been appointed (currently only Auckland and the Bay of Plenty/ East Coast).

Our objective with Option A is to secure a firm “2020 Trust” presence in the regions where our digital literacy programmes are delivered, especially in regions where we do not have organisational partners (as opposed to independent contractors).  Our goal for 2016-17 is to identify organisations delivering services to “at-risk” and “under-served” communities.  These organisations may be operating in the education, health or employment sectors;  our objective is to establish a relationship with these organisations and encourage them to embed digital literacy programmes with their current services.  We acknowledge our REAP partners as exemplary models for this type of whanau-based community engagement.

We would expect our 2020 Regional Coordinators to take responsibility for promoting all 2020 programmes within their communities, especially Computers in Homes, Stepping UP and KiwiSkills.  They will have specific responsibility:

  • for delivering Computers in Homes to the assigned number of families;
  • for initiating Stepping UP programmes in libraries;
  • for identifying KiwiSkills delivery partners.

This differs from Options B and C which just focus on Computers in Homes.