2degrees faults new email

As per email below from James Koers (2degrees), please note new email address for logging 2degrees faults as of Monday (29/11/16)


“….We are making some minor changes to our email platforms at 2degrees, so that all of our Care agents across both fixed & mobile use the same email tools, to drive a better & more consistent experience across all touchpoints. Therefore, can I please ask your team to start using Residential.Tier2@2degreesenterprise.co.nz email address and to stop using the Cportal@Support.Snap.net.NZ &Cportal@2degreesenterprise.co.nz email addresses?.

We will continue to monitor the old queues until Christmas, but if we can start using the new email address from Monday 29 November that would be great. Importantly, please don’t use a combination of old & new email addresses in the same email as this will likely lead to some confusion.”

Windows 10 now available for MARS

Brian Lawrence at Conbrio advised me today that Microsoft has now included Windows 10 in the MARS (Microsoft’s Authorised Refurbisher Scheme) licencing programme, which means we can now plan to migrate our standard Computers in Homes image from Windows 7 to Windows 10.   Sue Kini is taking a look at what this might mean for the Stepping UP modules that we use for Computers in Homes training and will report on this at our NCCG in Whangarei.  I am proposing that we ask our refurbishers to start supplying computers with the new image from the start of September, but we will hold off on a firm decision until we meet in Whangarei.

Temporary glitch with 2degrees CIH support portal

3:10pm   Tuesday 12 July.  The 2degrees team has advised that their Faults email for Computers in Homes ( cportal@support.snap.net.nz ) is currently down & as a result the 2degrees support team is not receiving any fault reports from CIH . 2degrees has reassured us that their team is working on this to fix ASAP , and they will let us know  when the inbox has been fixed.  They apologise for any inconvenience.

9:30 am Wednesday 13 July.  2degrees has advised that this fault has been fixed.


Toggl for Time Management

Coordinators will recall Sylvia’s presentation on Toggl at our Nelson hui.  I have been meaning to post the outcome from the discussion following her presentation about a sensible set of ‘project’ categories  for you to use to monitor your lives and find out where all the time goes.  It would also be really useful feedback for us when we try and scale the coordinator and delivery partner roles and develop new support roles.  So if anyone has joined the Toggl world, please feel free to share your reports with us.  I am not so interested in week-by-week reports as I know your workloads fluctuate wildly, but what would be good is a three or six month report.

The categories agreed were:

  • BYOD
  • Finance Related
  • General Admin
  • Kiwiskills
  • Media and Community Liaison
  • Meetings (incl NCCG)
  • Net Sign Ups
  • Rejuvenation
  • Reporting (incl surveys)
  • School Liaison (incl Graduations)
  • Stepping UP
  • Technical Admin (Ordering, fixing etc)
  • Training Set Up
  • Travel

Engaging subcontractors

Computers in Homes coordinators have delegated authority to appoint subcontractors to assist with the delivery of certain aspects of the programme.  Specifically this includes:

  • Computers in Homes trainers to deliver 20 hours of training for groups of participating families
  • Stepping UP trainers to deliver 2-hour training modules (noting that our preference is to progressively migrate these costs to libraries)
  • Technicians to provide technical support for families, as required, for 12 months post graduation
  • Technicians to carry out Warrant of Fitness checks on computers at 12 months (applies only to families from the 2014-15 funding year and earlier)
  • Rejuvenation Surveys to complete the 12-month “follow up” survey

Templates for all these subcontracts are available in the secure area of the Computers in Homes website.  These MUST be completed and signed before any work is undertaken. A copy must also be sent to the 2020 Trust Contracts Director for any subcontractors engaged by a 2020 Trust contractor.

Most contractors are following these procedures but we felt a reminder was timely because a situation has recently arisen where a subcontractor was engaged without a written contract and there was confusion about responsibilities when a problem arose.

We also suggest that at least one written reference be sought whenever a new subcontractor is engaged and that a copy be attached to the contract.  This is especially important for people who will be required to go onto school grounds for training families and for technicians who may be required to go into CiH family homes.

Online forums for technicians and trainers

Sue Davidson and Ivan Lomax have kindly agreed to moderate two online forums, one for CIH technicians and one for CIH trainers.  All technicians and trainers are encouraged to join the respective forum and then use this to raise issues and suggest solutions.

The following links should be provided to all CIH technicians and trainers;  they can then self-register and request membership.  As the registration process is open to anyone who has the links, Sue and Ivan will be verifying their authenticity before approving their membership.

Tech forum = https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6947886

Trainers = https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6947852