Contact Details for CiH Training Centres

As part of our 2015-16 reporting, the Ministry of Education sends a short survey to all schools that have participated in Computers in Homes in 2015-16, asking about the impact of the programme.  To ensure that this request gets to the right person, I am asking all coordinators to supply of list of the schools and training centres that they have supported during 2015-16 with the name and email of the contact person at the school or CTC.

Please use the google sheet (CiH School Contact List) to record this information.



Toggl for Time Management

Coordinators will recall Sylvia’s presentation on Toggl at our Nelson hui.  I have been meaning to post the outcome from the discussion following her presentation about a sensible set of ‘project’ categories  for you to use to monitor your lives and find out where all the time goes.  It would also be really useful feedback for us when we try and scale the coordinator and delivery partner roles and develop new support roles.  So if anyone has joined the Toggl world, please feel free to share your reports with us.  I am not so interested in week-by-week reports as I know your workloads fluctuate wildly, but what would be good is a three or six month report.

The categories agreed were:

  • BYOD
  • Finance Related
  • General Admin
  • Kiwiskills
  • Media and Community Liaison
  • Meetings (incl NCCG)
  • Net Sign Ups
  • Rejuvenation
  • Reporting (incl surveys)
  • School Liaison (incl Graduations)
  • Stepping UP
  • Technical Admin (Ordering, fixing etc)
  • Training Set Up
  • Travel

Police checks not required for parents attending CIH Training

One of our coordinators has been advised by a school she is working with that parents coming onto the school grounds for Computers in Homes training will need to be police checked, especially families not known to the school, who may be participating from another school.  This seemed a bit strange to us, so we checked with the Ministry, and guess what, we are not the first to encounter this concern.  The Ministry has a very clear guideline about schools’ responsibilities for this matter.  Worth taking a look  at the guideline as this relates to other people coming onto school properties as well.  But what is very clear is there is no requirement for police checks on parents or other visitors to the school (with the Board’s consent).