CIH Half-Year Report Published (at last!)

It has been a bit of a mission, but we finally have our half-year report in print. Copies are being mailed tomorrow (Friday 21 April) to our partner organisations and other external stakeholders. Carol will be sending copies to all coordinators for your Steering Committees and other local stakeholders. If you need more copies, contact Carol. The winning cover photo was a Westport family – Denise Henley has already delivered an acknowledgement to the family before leaving on her 6-week holiday.

Now it is only two and bit months before I’ll be chasing again for copy and photos for our annual report. So how about starting now to make sure you have one or two photos in the repository that sum up your year! Please load hi-res photos with captions to the CIH Annual Report 2017 directory. PLEASE DO NOT LOAD THEM INTO YOUR OWN FOLDER AS THIS MAKES IT VERY DIFFICULT FOR VERONICA TO FIND THEM!!

Updates for Google Sheets

Emma asked why some of the data in the CIH online registration form was not being transferred to the main google sheets, specifically the “Premises” field.  As it turns out this was a simple matter of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. Two new fields were added to the registration form in October last year but the data transfer process was not updated.  So thanks, Emma, for raising this.

The two new fields are:

What type of housing do you live in? What type of internet connection do you have in your home?

The back-end has now been corrected and the data from both fields will now populate the main Google sheet (typically within 24 hours of the registration being received).

With respect to the Internet Connection data, these fields will be shaded yellow, as these record the family situations on joining the programme.  For families with NONE, the Internet Connection field should be updated when you confirm the type of internet connection the family wants.  You can then remove the yellow shading.  For families with an existing internet connection, you should update the following two fields and then remove the yellow shading:

CIH Payment Plan Reason for no CIH Internet connection

CIH Research Update

Some coordinators appear to be finding the new research approach challenging.  As reported at our last hui in Whangarei, we are monitoring progress in meeting the research target dates.  Every day after the scheduled research due date is counted as “one overdue day” until contact is made.  If no contact is made within 90 days (the date of the next scheduled contact date), the ‘overdue count’ is reset to zero and one ‘research contact missed’ recorded.  The situation as at 12 November is as follows:

Region Rank Number of Families in Research Database Overdue Days Research contacts Missed
Dunedin 1 12 0 0
Manawatu Horowhenua 1 6 0 0
Nelson Marlborough 1 6 0 0
Taranaki Central NI 1 6 0 0
Whanganui 1 16 0 0
Northland 6 9 -77 1
Tauranga 7 7 -129 0
Wairarapa 8 5 -135 1
West Coast 9 4 -137 2
East BOP 10 5 -143 0
Southland 11 4 -161 1
Wellington 12 6 -170 0
Gisborne 13 8 -172 4
Wairoa 14 7 -348 1
Auckland Manurewa-Papakura 15 5 -357 0
Auckland-Franklin 16 16 -445 9
Waikato 17 17 -458 0
Christchurch 18 14 -523 0
Porirua 19 15 -715 6
Auckland Mangere-Otara-Papatoetoe 20 24 -779 9
Far North 21 17 -840 9
  209 -5589 43

CIH Google Sheets and Blog Quiz

Congratulations to the two teams that achieved the highest scores at the Whangarei Hui in the CIH Google Sheet Quiz.  As explained at the hui, the purpose of the quiz was to provide a checklist of the “rules” for entering data into the CIH google sheets.  I want to make sure that every keeps a copy of these “rules” on hand when they are working with the google sheets.  You can find it here whenever you need it.

New look for 2016-17 Google Sheets

Over the next few days, coordinators will notice a change in their 2016-17 google sheet. Following suggestions from Christina and Kristina, I have given the 2016-17 google sheet a thorough over-haul, removing unused fields and grouping data elements to make things more accessible for coordinators.  If you want a sneak preview, take a look at Auckland East, although a few other regions have already been migrated.  You will not need to adjust any data that has already been entered, as this will automatically be moved to the new locations.  Greyed columns and lines contain formulae or fixed data (such as family numbers) and must not be overwritten.  Otherwise I think you will find the new sheets a delight to work with (that might be overstating things a bit, but I am sure you will quickly get what I mean).

Just a couple of ‘traps’ to watch out for:

  1. Reds, oranges and yellows remain and are conveniently summarised in the first few columns.  If you think the count is wrong, you can change the number in cell A2 (e.g. from 1 to 2) and this will initiative a colour count update.
  2. Temporary Notes (column F) is for exactly what it says (temporary notes); these should only be a short ‘aide memoire’ that should be deleted when no longer required; longer notes that you would like preserved are welcome in column BF.  The reason will be obvious to most of you who like to write screeds of notes – this quickly expands to the field to a point where the sheet becomes very hard to use.
  3. Do not enter the family email in column N; this is mirrored from column AO.
  4. You no longer need to enter the family contribution Payment Amount (column S), as this is determined by the AP Frequency (column R).  Weekly = $10; Fortnightly = $20, Monthly = $40
  5. All the family contacts details have been moved towards the end of each sheet; these fields will be populated from the online registration forms.

As always, constructive feedback is welcome, but there is a lot of effort involved in updating and checking the sheets, so we can’t promise to accommodate all suggestions immediately.

Family Registrations for 2016-17

Thank you to the coordinators who have trialed our new online registration form; we have had such positive feedback that we would like to adopt this immediately across the whole programme for 2016-17.  So this is now “compulsory” for all registrations.  Some coordinators are using this as a practical exercise at the first training session and that is fine with us.  Others are using the printed form and then data entering themselves. Clearly the first option will save you a bit of effort and gets everyone off to a good start on their digital learning journey – filling in online forms is definitely a skill we want all CIH families to have.  And it can even provide a learning opportunity for participants – one family in Christchurch didn’t know their postcode, so the tutor took the opportunity to get everyone to go to the NZ Postcode site and enter their own addresses to find their postcodes.

But perhaps the biggest advantage for coordinators is that information loaded through the online form will be used to populate your Google Sheets, saving you even further work!

For the two or three coordinators who have already made a start populating the 2016-17 google sheets with family names, please now re-enter the data into the online form (you can access this from the secure area of the CiH website).

Please make sure you are using the new registration forms (also in the secure area of the CiH website), so that you are capturing details about participants’ children at the time of registration.

New column in 2016-17 Google Sheets

I have added a new column (AY) in the 2016-17 Google Sheets for coordinators to record that they have received and are holding a signed copy of the family agreement form.  This is a simple pull-down (YES/NO) menu.  I would expect this to be completed by the end of the first week of training. This is required to meet the new reporting requirements of our CIH contract.

Contact Details for CiH Training Centres

As part of our 2015-16 reporting, the Ministry of Education sends a short survey to all schools that have participated in Computers in Homes in 2015-16, asking about the impact of the programme.  To ensure that this request gets to the right person, I am asking all coordinators to supply of list of the schools and training centres that they have supported during 2015-16 with the name and email of the contact person at the school or CTC.

Please use the google sheet (CiH School Contact List) to record this information.



New CIH Family Agreement from 1 July 2016

All families participating in Computers in Homes from 1 July 2016 are required to complete a newFamily Agreement 1 (July 2016).  The new form deletes some components of the old agreement and adds a new requirement about information sharing with Government agencies (last bullet point).  We are legally required under the Privacy Act to obtain the explicit approval of participating families to permit us to inform government agencies the names of families who have participated in Computers in Homes.  Families need to be reassured that this information is solely for research and evaluation purposes; the results of any analysis carried out using this information will not identify individual families; the data will always be reported in such a way that individual families can not be identified.

Capturing participant birth dates from past CIH years

We are currently negotiating with the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Social Development and the Department of Internal Affairs a process for sharing information about Computers in Homes participants.  We already have most of the information we need in past google sheets and the Privacy Commissioner has assured us that we can share this information, provided the data is only used for research purposes and any analysis or results will not identify individual families.  The one piece of missing data is the birth date of CIH participants.

This is captured on the 2degrees signup forms and I would like to get an indication from coordinators how much effort would be involved in transferring this data into the following Google Sheets:  CIH 2013-14, CIH 2014-15 and CIH 2015-16.  I will be progressively replacing the “AP Form Name” field with “Birth Date” in these three google sheets so that we can capture birth dates in a central database.

My understanding is that all CIH families complete an internet signup form that includes their birth date, even if they don’t want the internet, so hopefully you still have these forms.  Please keep a record of any time spent in extracting this data and entering into Google Sheets, as we may be able to remunerate you for this additional effort.

STOP PRESS:  This is now all go and must be completed by 15 July 2016