CIH invoice processing from 1 September 2016

As discussed at our Whangarei Hui, we will be implementing new invoice processing arrangements for CIH and other 2020 projects from 1 September 2016.

  1. Coordinators and other 2020 personnel who are authorised to spend project funds must sign all invoices from service providers and contractors such as trainers and technicians relating to work they have commissioned.  Signing the invoice is confirmation that the details are correct and that the service has been provided.
  2. Coordinators must ensure that there is adequate information on each invoice to ensure the expenses can be correctly coded and entered to Xero by the Wellington office.  This includes the type of expense (e.g. computers, training, travel, etc.)as well as the project, selected from the following list:
    • CIH 2014-15
    • CIH 2015-16
    • CIH 2016-17
    • Stepping UP
    • ICDL Commercial
    • KiwiSkills Jobseeker
    • Refugee 2015-16
    • Refugee 2016-17
  3. Invoices and attached receipts for expense claims must then be scanned and sent to
  4. Invoices will be coded by the Wellington office, entered to Xero and paid. This is a significant change, as Coordinators no longer need to enter invoices to Xero.
  5. Note this applies to all coordinator invoices as well as those from other contractors.