Upgrading to Windows 10

As discussed at our Whangarei Hui, Microsoft has extended the MARS licence for Computers in Homes to include Windows 10.  This means we can now move towards providing families with Windows 10 operating systems.  It is important that families are trained on equipment with the same software (operating system and application software) as that is on their take-home computers.  The Stepping UP modules used for Computers in Homes training will be progressively updated for Windows 10, but this should not be a deterrent in making the move from Windows 7.  Trainers are expected to be able to use the Windows 7 material as a guide in the meantime and explain the differences for Windows 10.

Families already in training

These families will already be using Windows 7 and therefore should be provided with Windows 7 computers when they complete their training.

Training being provided at a new hub

Hub equipment with a Windows 10 image should be purchased for the new hub as well as for families when they complete training.

Training being provided at an existing school hub

Schools already have access to Microsoft software under a centralised agreement with the Ministry of Education.  We would expect that schools are already considering upgrading to Windows 10 if they haven’t already done so.  Check the situation with the school training hub before starting training.

Training being provided at a community hub

We can offer to assist the community hub upgrade their computers to Windows 10 before training starts.

  1. Contact Jackie Lawrence at Conbrio/The Ark with an order for the number of Windows 10 licences required.
  2. Jackie will send a custom laptop, a switch and the licences.
  3. The community hub then plugs in all the existing computers at the hub that they want to upgrade to the switch (just replace the existing switch temporarily)
  4. Plug the laptop into the switch and then, using the second network port on the switch, plug into the internet connection (this is needed for management as the upgrade files are all on the laptop).
  5. Turn on the laptop and then turn on the PC’s.
  6. The new install will happen automatically, including appropriate drivers and the standard CIH image.
  7. When finished activate Windows and Office and create the recovery partition provided with all CIH computers.
  8. Provide the necessary licence information to Jackie at Conbrio for her to advise Microsoft.
  9. Box up all the bits (laptop and switch) and courier to the next site (as instructed by Jackie)