2degrees password changing

Some of us have been experiencing an annoying situation, whereby somewhere between us registering a family online at 2degrees Cportal, and the family being connected at home, their password is changed. Apparently this was due to a bug in the system at 2degrees, and has now been fixed – as of 11/11/16.
However, for anyone who registered a family on Cportal prior to 11/11/16, the password has potentially been altered.
I have discussed this with Sonia at 2degrees, and she is happy for you to send any of these registration details through to her, and she will check the password for you. She will need their name, username and password Рas you entered it on Cportal.  cihsupport@2degreesenterprise.co.nz
Please let me know if you have any further issues with this. Thanks, Sue