Contacts GDocs – please update

CiH Schools and Delivery Partners: (should contain all the contacts in your region)
CiH Tech, Trainer and supporter people: (a list of all trainers, techs and support people in your area)
Please take a look at these two documents and update them where necessary. Thanks

CiH Research – 18 month survey

Just a reminder – this is the link to the CiH 18 month survey – it takes  less time than the 12 month survey. I have been giving families a CiH USB (memory stick) on completion, as a way of saying thanks – here are no hard and fast rules here.



Photos for Repository

Hi everyone. Further to LZ’s recent post below, please remember that you are required to place one or two “excellent” photos in the Media Repository for the CiH Annual (June) Report . The folder is called “CIH Annual Report 2017.”  Give it a title, and relevant info – where, when, who, etc. Permission must be obtained. With new classes up and running, now might be a good time to capture those special moments.  Thanks.


2degrees now “unlimited”

Wonderful news – 2degrees has officially confirmed their offer of an unlimited package for all CIH families, past, present and future at the current monthly rate of $65.   This new offer applies immediately for all new families and will be applied progressively over the next month as accounts are renewed for existing families – whether they are currently on a sponsored packaged (initial 12 months) or have migrated to an ongoing connection with 2degrees.

Please make sure all trainers and technicians are aware of this change. Coordinator Packs, etc will be updated over the next few days. Please amend your printed versions.

Spark Jump Reminder

I was having a look through the Spark Jump folder in GDrive (Search Spark Jump in GoogleDrive) yesterday and was reminded of what a great option it is for connecting some of our whanau who might be struggling with $10 weekly payments, etc.  The beauty with Spark Jump is that it operates with top-ups, which is suited to many whanau.
“”Spark Jump has some significant benefits:
1. it is a pre-pay service; there are no term contracts or monthly bills;
2. it costs $15 for a 30 GB data pack (which expires after 30 days, so must be topped up monthly)
3. top ups can be made using Skinny vouchers (available at thousands of retailers),or using a debit or credit card;
4. it uses the 4G and 4G 700 wireless network; there is no need for copper or fibre
5. it can be set up in 10 minutes during a Computers in Homes or Stepping UP class.””
Please make sure you offer this option to your classes when giving the “Internet talk”!  All trainers should be aware of it as well. The 2degrees option on offer is still better value for money, but Spark Jump has flexibility that could be a better fit for some.
Families need to check here to see if 4G is available to them:
Operational proceedures are clearly set out here:
You will also find wonderful presentations in the folder – great resources.
But wait there is more……….  a Digital Step to  use in class – awesome!!
Sue Kini is doing a great job getting libraries involved  through Stepping Up, etc. Should you get a random “one off” inquiry, where no classes are nearby, check with SueK to see if there is a library in the area that may be able to assist them. This is a work in progress.

2degrees Cportal to be used for everything

I have been working with 2degrees to try and simplify the systems between us. The result is that from now on, we use Cportal for all initial contact with 2degrees. Fault reporting, new signups, change of addresses, etc. Have a look – it is very straight forward.  When you login, under the tabs services and enquiries you will see these options that we have not been using in the past. A one stop shop 🙂 You will get an automated response followed by a further personal email.
Should you need to follow up on a request that was logged in Cportal, then contact this email address:
So, from now on, two simple steps
1. Log all requests through Cportal 
2. If you need to follow up, use Residential.Tier2 email address
Lets monitor this over the next month and see how it goes. Please give me feedback, so that we can keep working to perfect the system. Thanks. SueD

2degrees password changing

Some of us have been experiencing an annoying situation, whereby somewhere between us registering a family online at 2degrees Cportal, and the family being connected at home, their password is changed. Apparently this was due to a bug in the system at 2degrees, and has now been fixed – as of 11/11/16.
However, for anyone who registered a family on Cportal prior to 11/11/16, the password has potentially been altered.
I have discussed this with Sonia at 2degrees, and she is happy for you to send any of these registration details through to her, and she will check the password for you. She will need their name, username and password – as you entered it on Cportal.
Please let me know if you have any further issues with this. Thanks, Sue

2degrees faults new email

As per email below from James Koers (2degrees), please note new email address for logging 2degrees faults as of Monday (29/11/16)

“….We are making some minor changes to our email platforms at 2degrees, so that all of our Care agents across both fixed & mobile use the same email tools, to drive a better & more consistent experience across all touchpoints. Therefore, can I please ask your team to start using email address and to stop using the & email addresses?.

We will continue to monitor the old queues until Christmas, but if we can start using the new email address from Monday 29 November that would be great. Importantly, please don’t use a combination of old & new email addresses in the same email as this will likely lead to some confusion.”

Update on 2degrees faults email

When sending a fault through to 2degrees please make sure you send it to the correct email as per this message:

“Please send future fault requests to , we are currently monitoring as well.
 If you receive a failed/bounceback email or no response within 48hrs to either of these address please get in touch with us on this email to let us know.”