Spark Jump – Changing address

A reminder to coordinators supporting Spark Jump that families are not permitted to use their Spark Jump modem like a mobile hotspot. It is a breach of their agreement with Spark Foundation if they relocate their modems without formally advising them (through us). If modems are used out of area, this will create an alert in the Spark network and we will be asked to explain why.

This situation cropped up this week when a member of one of our CIH families relocated to another area and took the Spark Jump modem with him so that he could continue to use his phone at the discounted rates.

The coordinator knew the family involved was house-bound and could not understand how this could have happened. My initial reaction was that we had mixed up our IMEI numbers somehow (sorry Kristina, I should have known better!!). The coordinator got on the phone immediately and asked the family to quote the IMEI number, which was correct. On further questioning, she admitted that her son had taken the modem to Wellington for two days earlier in the week, which is what was detected by Spark.

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