Updates for Google Sheets

Emma asked why some of the data in the CIH online registration form was not being transferred to the main google sheets, specifically the “Premises” field.  As it turns out this was a simple matter of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing. Two new fields were added to the registration form in October last year but the data transfer process was not updated.  So thanks, Emma, for raising this.

The two new fields are:

What type of housing do you live in? What type of internet connection do you have in your home?

The back-end has now been corrected and the data from both fields will now populate the main Google sheet (typically within 24 hours of the registration being received).

With respect to the Internet Connection data, these fields will be shaded yellow, as these record the family situations on joining the programme.  For families with NONE, the Internet Connection field should be updated when you confirm the type of internet connection the family wants.  You can then remove the yellow shading.  For families with an existing internet connection, you should update the following two fields and then remove the yellow shading:

CIH Payment Plan Reason for no CIH Internet connection

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