2degrees Cportal to be used for everything

I have been working with 2degrees to try and simplify the systems between us. The result is that from now on, we use Cportal for all initial contact with 2degrees. Fault reporting, new signups, change of addresses, etc. Have a look – it is very straight forward.  When you login, under the tabs services and enquiries you will see these options that we have not been using in the past. A one stop shop 🙂 You will get an automated response followed by a further personal email.  https://cportal.2degreesbroadband.co.nz/login
Should you need to follow up on a request that was logged in Cportal, then contact this email address:
So, from now on, two simple steps
1. Log all requests through Cportal 
2. If you need to follow up, use Residential.Tier2 email address
Lets monitor this over the next month and see how it goes. Please give me feedback, so that we can keep working to perfect the system. Thanks. SueD