CIH Research Database for 2016-17

The first group of 2016-17 families for the research programme has been selected at random and entered into a new google sheet called: RESEARCH 2016-17 Computers in Homes.  Access permissions remain the same as for the 2015-16 research database.

Coordinators will receive reminders when research contacts are due; the first for 2016-17 families will be in December (3 months post graduation).  As this is based on the graduation date, some of which are future dates, this does provide a good opportunity to explain the research process to the selected families during training.

Families have been selected at random from the registration database (generated from online registrations).  So another reminder to all coordinators, all families participating in the 2016-17 Computers in Homes programme MUST complete an online registration form.  Some coordinators are choosing to do themselves after families complete a paper-based registration form, but we strongly suggest that you get families to do this themselves during the first or second week of training; this saves coordinators extra work as well as providing a practical online activity for families.

2 thoughts on “CIH Research Database for 2016-17

  1. Hi Laurence I can’t find the new research google sheet. Can you please direct me to it. Thanks Janine   Janine LonerganRegional Coordinator, 2020 TrustDunedin/Otago Computers in HomesDunedin Refugee Computers in Homes   Ph: (03) 453-4552  Mob: 027 384

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