AP Forms must have a termination date

Commencing immediately all new AP forms completed by CIH families must have a termination date, which should be 12 months in the future, i.e. the same date as the start date, but just one year later. To date, the practice has varied with some coordinators preferring to leave the AP open-ended, so that families can catch up on any missed payments.  In one way, this makes sense, but we are facing a growing number of families who simply don’t cancel their APs and this creates a real problem when we are unable to (a) contact them to stop their APs and (b) return the overpaid funds.

We now have over 500 families who have overpaid and this is huge job trying to contact them and get them to stop their APs.  One Taranaki family holds the record for overpayments – a whopping $1700!  This family has continued to pay for more than three years after our subsidised internet connection ended.

We are going to have a blitz on contacting the families who have overpaid, starting with the 21 families who have overpaid by more than $500.  I find it hard to think of any family who wouldn’t welcome a $500 cheque for Christmas!

2degrees password changing

Some of us have been experiencing an annoying situation, whereby somewhere between us registering a family online at 2degrees Cportal, and the family being connected at home, their password is changed. Apparently this was due to a bug in the system at 2degrees, and has now been fixed – as of 11/11/16.
However, for anyone who registered a family on Cportal prior to 11/11/16, the password has potentially been altered.
I have discussed this with Sonia at 2degrees, and she is happy for you to send any of these registration details through to her, and she will check the password for you. She will need their name, username and password – as you entered it on Cportal.  cihsupport@2degreesenterprise.co.nz
Please let me know if you have any further issues with this. Thanks, Sue

2degrees faults new email

As per email below from James Koers (2degrees), please note new email address for logging 2degrees faults as of Monday (29/11/16)


“….We are making some minor changes to our email platforms at 2degrees, so that all of our Care agents across both fixed & mobile use the same email tools, to drive a better & more consistent experience across all touchpoints. Therefore, can I please ask your team to start using Residential.Tier2@2degreesenterprise.co.nz email address and to stop using the Cportal@Support.Snap.net.NZ &Cportal@2degreesenterprise.co.nz email addresses?.

We will continue to monitor the old queues until Christmas, but if we can start using the new email address from Monday 29 November that would be great. Importantly, please don’t use a combination of old & new email addresses in the same email as this will likely lead to some confusion.”

CIH Research Database for 2016-17

The first group of 2016-17 families for the research programme has been selected at random and entered into a new google sheet called: RESEARCH 2016-17 Computers in Homes.  Access permissions remain the same as for the 2015-16 research database.

Coordinators will receive reminders when research contacts are due; the first for 2016-17 families will be in December (3 months post graduation).  As this is based on the graduation date, some of which are future dates, this does provide a good opportunity to explain the research process to the selected families during training.

Families have been selected at random from the registration database (generated from online registrations).  So another reminder to all coordinators, all families participating in the 2016-17 Computers in Homes programme MUST complete an online registration form.  Some coordinators are choosing to do themselves after families complete a paper-based registration form, but we strongly suggest that you get families to do this themselves during the first or second week of training; this saves coordinators extra work as well as providing a practical online activity for families.

CIH Research Update

Some coordinators appear to be finding the new research approach challenging.  As reported at our last hui in Whangarei, we are monitoring progress in meeting the research target dates.  Every day after the scheduled research due date is counted as “one overdue day” until contact is made.  If no contact is made within 90 days (the date of the next scheduled contact date), the ‘overdue count’ is reset to zero and one ‘research contact missed’ recorded.  The situation as at 12 November is as follows:

Region Rank Number of Families in Research Database Overdue Days Research contacts Missed
Dunedin 1 12 0 0
Manawatu Horowhenua 1 6 0 0
Nelson Marlborough 1 6 0 0
Taranaki Central NI 1 6 0 0
Whanganui 1 16 0 0
Northland 6 9 -77 1
Tauranga 7 7 -129 0
Wairarapa 8 5 -135 1
West Coast 9 4 -137 2
East BOP 10 5 -143 0
Southland 11 4 -161 1
Wellington 12 6 -170 0
Gisborne 13 8 -172 4
Wairoa 14 7 -348 1
Auckland Manurewa-Papakura 15 5 -357 0
Auckland-Franklin 16 16 -445 9
Waikato 17 17 -458 0
Christchurch 18 14 -523 0
Porirua 19 15 -715 6
Auckland Mangere-Otara-Papatoetoe 20 24 -779 9
Far North 21 17 -840 9
  209 -5589 43