New CIH Research process

Our new CIH research process is in full swing – a reminder about how important it is to make the contacts requested in the monthly research reminder emails that coordinators receive at the beginning of each month.  If you find a family has moved we would still like to try and keep in contact with them (unless they have gone  overseas or have explicitly declined to participate in the survey process).  The time allowance we have made for you to make contact at each 3-month point is summarised below, so please don’t give up after a single email, text or phone call. We expect that the 12-month survey will require a visit to complete the survey, but the 6-month one can be conducted by phone.

Research Contact Activity Hours
3 month contact Confirm contact details for family and alternates; record children’s names and year levels in research database 1
6 month survey Phone or face-to-face visit to complete short survey on children’s use of internet  at home and at school 2
9 month contact Contact to reconfirm address and phone details 1
12 month survey Family visit to complete 12-month follow-up survey 3
15 month contact Contact to reconfirm family address and phone details 1
18 month survey Family visit to complete 18-month  follow-up survey 1

CIH 12-month survey

A reminder about our processes for the 12-month survey;  this is the most critical one – we have allowed 3 hours of time for you to get this completed, which we expect to involve a visit to the family.  As discussed in Whangarei you can provide families with a $50 Warehouse voucher by way of appreciation for their time in completing the survey.  While there are small numbers, it is probably easiest for you to purchase these vouchers, as you need them and then claim reimbursement when you submit your research invoice.

Bulk-funded CIH partners have a funding provision in their contracts for the time involved in collecting the surveys, but no specific allowance for the vouchers.  We expect that there is sufficient flexibility in these contracts to cover the cost of the vouchers.

Hard copies of the new surveys (pre-graduation and 12-month) can be downloaded from the secure area of the CIH website, or accessed online from the following links:

ID Badges

Tania had a question regarding ordering new ID badges, so I thought I’d check up on current process. Carol is in charge of this process. She requires a clear photo (head and shoulders), name to appear on card, role (trainer, technician, etc) and region/area. Also, an address to send the completed card to.

Carol’s  email: