CIH Internet Connections: Performance Standards

At the Whangarei NCCG Hui in August 2016, we discussed the performance standards for internet connections.  Some important amendments were suggested:

  1. While UFB remains our “first choice” connection in areas where it is available, it is recognised that this mightn’t be the most suitable for families who are highly mobile;  a DSL connection can be moved from premises to premises much more easily and is a better solution for families who are unlikely to stay in the same house for 12 months.
  2. The internet sign-up form needs to be updated so that it can be used for all programme participants and not just families requesting a connection with 2degrees;
  3. The performance standard for internet connections should be “within 3 weeks of the first payment being received”.

These changes have now been incorporated into Version 2 of the Performance Standard document.

5 thoughts on “CIH Internet Connections: Performance Standards

  1. Call me thick, but I still don’t get why we would be asking all participants to fill in the 2degrees (internet) signup form. (point 2 above.) If we need more data from our families, lets ask for it when they register. Eg – do they already have an internet connection at home?

  2. We are trying to capture data about household type – owned, leased, HCC – and at an NCCG earlier this year, coordinators felt the best time to capture this was at the internet signup. An option would be to include this in the initial registration form, but the view expressed at the time was that this should be kept as simple as possible. We do need to know what type of internet connection families have and the view at the time was the best time to capture this was by requiring everyone to complete an internet form – maybe we remove the words “sign-up”. We do need a further update for the form to include the Spark Jump option, so maybe this is a good time to remove this confusion.

  3. That is easy to do. We will also need to ask whether they have an existing internet connection and if so what type. Unless this information can be collected later (if so, how?)

    • At the moment the coordinator/tech usually collects this information when they visit the class to explain our internet options (maybe week 4 or 5). This information could however, also be collected initially on the CiH registration form. Do you currently have an internet connection at this address? If yes, tick box for connection type and provider plus “other” option. Tick boxes are quick and easy. This will then filter straight onto GDoc, giving you all your data early in the peace!

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