Updates to the CIH online Family Registration Form


Thanks for the feedback from the Coordinators who have started to use the online registration form – 5 regions are now using this and have provided useful feedback on the design of this form.  As a result, we have made some improvements:

  • a tick box for the $50 commitment
  • a signature field
  • adding validation for phone number formatting
  • fixing a glitch with email address validation
  • adding a couple of omitted fields (Child 4 & 5 DOB)

The process currently is:

  • participants complete a paper-based version of the registration form which includes their time preferences for training
  • when accepted onto the programme participants (or the coordinator) transfer this information into the online registration form (this should happen on the first night of training)
  • the google form populates a secure google doc and selected fields are then transferred manually to the main Computers in Homes MOE 2016-17 google sheets ( we are using a manual process at this stage but this may be automated in the future)

Please note:

  • There may be a day or two between participants entering their info and it being available in  the main Computers in Homes MOE 2016-17 sheet
  • The form is for new Families starting with CiH. Once the data is entered and transferred to the main google sheets, all updates should be carried out in the main google doc
  • We have discovered that families who enter the data themselves may not take a lot of care in terms of capitalising their names or street names, so coordinators will need to review the data once it appears in the main google sheets and make any corrections.
  • Date format: the form takes the date and time format from the computer & browser used with the form.  Our preference is dd mmm yyyy e.g. 29 Jul 2008 or dd/mm/yyyy.  If you see other formats e.g. American mm/dd/yyyy 07/29/2008 it is because the training computer Languages and Regions has not been set to NZ. Unfortunately we can’t use the form to force our preferred format – but it’s an opportunity to get the PCs used by participants set to NZ time!


One thought on “Updates to the CIH online Family Registration Form

  1. Thanks Laurence, I will get to use this online registration from soon as 2 of our Kura in the coast will be starting the CIH trainings soon.


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