Family Registrations for 2016-17

Thank you to the coordinators who have trialed our new online registration form; we have had such positive feedback that we would like to adopt this immediately across the whole programme for 2016-17.  So this is now “compulsory” for all registrations.  Some coordinators are using this as a practical exercise at the first training session and that is fine with us.  Others are using the printed form and then data entering themselves. Clearly the first option will save you a bit of effort and gets everyone off to a good start on their digital learning journey – filling in online forms is definitely a skill we want all CIH families to have.  And it can even provide a learning opportunity for participants – one family in Christchurch didn’t know their postcode, so the tutor took the opportunity to get everyone to go to the NZ Postcode site and enter their own addresses to find their postcodes.

But perhaps the biggest advantage for coordinators is that information loaded through the online form will be used to populate your Google Sheets, saving you even further work!

For the two or three coordinators who have already made a start populating the 2016-17 google sheets with family names, please now re-enter the data into the online form (you can access this from the secure area of the CiH website).

Please make sure you are using the new registration forms (also in the secure area of the CiH website), so that you are capturing details about participants’ children at the time of registration.

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