Contacting 2degrees for support

There appears to be some confusion about the correct email address for reporting CIH family faults to 2degrees.  The correct email is: 

At least one coordinator has been using , which has been going nowhere, resulting in lots of unnecessary stress.   It is not clear at this stage how the incorrect email has crept into our system;  I am sure the coordinator didn’t make it up!  So if anyone is aware where this error is in our documentation, please let us know urgently so that it can be corrected.

And while we are on the subject of the fault reporting process, this is a good opportunity to remind everyone how this works.  Sonia (2degrees) took the time to document this for a new member of the team recently and the points she made are worth repeating:

  1. The CiH support team at 2degrees does not take phone calls from coordinators through the Helpdesk. All communications regarding new CIH connections or progress in establishing a connection MUST be sent to  Eddie and Sonia provide us with a very responsive and professional service when this email is used.
  2. Any emails sent to 2degrees staff personal email addresses will be rejected. The value of using the common “cihsupport” email is that it can be dealt with by whoever is on duty at the time, whereas personal emails could sit unattended for weeks if the individual is away on leave or sick.
  3. Coordinators must allow at least 24 hours for a reply to any email to the 2degrees team, we cannot expect them to just drop what they are currently doing. However, that said, I know that most replies come within the same working day, so coordinators need to be patient if it takes a bit longer.
  4. Faults are dealt with by a different team and this can take from 48 to 72 hours depending on the faults team’s workload, so again coordinators need to be patient.
  5. To log a fault coordinators MUST follow the procedures we have agreed with 2degrees. This involves logging the fault by emailing to . Neither the 2degrees CIH provisioning team nor the 2degrees staff on the public Helpdesk have access to the Cportal emails, so it is just wastign everyone’s time to try and use these channels to inquire about progres sin clearing faults.  Coordinators must always us the Cportal email.
  6. Coordinators must monitor their emails for replies whenever messages have been sent to the provisioning team of the faults team.  2degrees report that on many occasions they have to re-send replies simply because a coordinator has not read their emails.
  7. Coordinators are also responsible for the accuracy of information supplied to 2degrees when signing up new families.  Recently, one coordinator used the wrong town when requesting a new connection and this resulted in lots of wasted effort and frustration for both 2degrees and the coordinator concerned.  We are human and unlike computers (yeah right!) we do make mistakes, but it can save a lot of stress to get things right the first time.
  8. Any coordinators who are unhappy about the support they are receiving from 2degrees (for any reason) must raise this with their Area Manager (for Auckland), their Relationship Manager (for the Bay of Plenty/ East Coast) or the national support team (Di, Kristina, Laurence Z). There is also an opportunity to raise and persistent ongoing issues at our regular Computers in Homes hui.




2 thoughts on “Contacting 2degrees for support

  1. Thanks LZ for once again clarifying this. Coordinators and techs need to be aware that when they lodge a fault correctly through cportal@snap that eu will get a reply from cportal @2degrees. So then they must not reply to that but retype the correct email.

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