12-month transitions simply not working!

July has been a shocking month for transitioning our families to a permanent internet connection.  We have recorded “NO RESPONSE” from nearly 40% of the 57 families reaching the end of their 12-month subsidised period. We have had a number of families where the Direct Debit form was not sent to 2degrees before the termination date and as a result their internet connection was terminated, even if we had prepaid a further month for the family.  2degrees is being swamped with requests from coordinators to re-connect families after their termination date.

So let’s be clear about our processes (including some new ones):

  1. Families are sent by physical post a letter with a partially completed Direct Debit form and reply paid envelope by around the 10th of the month prior to their service terminating; coordinators receive a .pdf copy of this letter and DD form by email.
  2. Families are expected to return the DD form no later than 10 days before the termination date (this is clearly set out in the letter). Families who do this will receive a full month credit ($65) on their 2degrees account to smooth the transition.
  3. Families who do not meet this requirement will have their internet connection suspended (hopefully, this will serve as a prompt for them to contract Kristina or the local coordinator and submit their DD form before the termination date).
  4. When the DD form is received by 2degrees, the account will be reactivated.
  5. Coordinators sending DD forms directly to 2degrees must record the date sent in the 12-month transition Google Sheet.  A scanned copy of the DD from should be sent to 2degrees by email.
  6. If the DD form is not received by 2degrees BEFORE the termination date, the account will be cancelled.
  7. If the DD form is submitted after the termination date, 2degrees may (at their discretion) agree to reconnect the family, but this will incur a $99 reconnection fee.  Families will not receive the $65 transition credit.
  8. Coordinators must take note of the dates and action summaries recorded by 2degrees in the green shaded columns.  If any information is being added or changes made after the date recorded by 2degrees, then you must negotiate the change directly with 2degrees.  We can not expect them to keep reviewing the google sheet information once the termination date has passed.

4 thoughts on “12-month transitions simply not working!

  1. Laurence the letter is deeply confusing for many of my families. I will have a go at simplifying it and send it to you.

  2. Laurence, could you please add the direct email address to send to? As a coordinator who doesn’t contact them often, I tend to forget who I need to send email the DD form to.

    • The Direct Debit form should be sent directly to Eddie and Sonia on the standard cih email address: cihsupport@2degreesenterprise.co.nz, and you must immediately update the 12-month transition google sheet with the date that the Direct Debit form has been sent. Alternatively send to Kristina and she will forward and mark up google sheets.

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