Connected Learning – opportunity to provide feedback

I expect that coordinators will recall the presentation by Marina Dixon from the Ministry of Education at our recent hui in Wellington.  She showed us a sample of the “Connected Learning” resources the Ministry has been developing.  These have now been published and can be accessed online .   The resources are aimed at helping teachers make the most of digital technologies in everyday teaching and learning. The main audience for these resources is primary school teachers who are relatively new to the use of digital technologies to support teaching and learning.   Marina has invited feedback from CiH Coordinators on the four pilot resources:

  • ‘Me and my students’ – this tool introduces teachers to a student inquiry approach which supports 21st century skills such as student agency and demonstrates, through video, how digital tools can be used to support the skills of student inquiry.
  • ‘Start me up’ – this is a series of quick and easy online, interactive learning modules for classroom teachers who are new to, and less confident in, using digital technologies to support teaching and learning.
  • ‘Show me around’ – this is a ‘virtual tour’ or interactive video showcase of innovative teaching and learning practices supported by digital technologies in a school which is advanced in its use of technologies to support learning.
  • Connecting me’ – this is a quick search tool which makes it easier for teachers, principals and parents to find relevant Government-provided information from multiple websites which supports the integration of technologies with learning.

How you can help:

During the pilot phase, the Ministry is keen to seek feedback on these resources from groups like the 2020 Computers in Homes team who liaise with parents and caregivers around the use of digital technologies.   Feedback could cover topics such as:

  • how useful you think these resources will be for the intended audience
  • any comments on content, design or technical aspects
  • ideas as to how we can make these resources better targeted to the intended audience, and/or
  • ideas as to what resources we can create in the future to add to the Connected Learning Resources set.

Please send any feedback on the Connected Learning Resources to Marina by 31 August 2016.

2 thoughts on “Connected Learning – opportunity to provide feedback

  1. Laurence this is a nice interface for developing teaching materials as well. The popplet app for brainstorming and grouping ideas is great. I really encourage Coordinators to look at the teaching side as well. It’s good to know it’s here. Thank you

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