Code of conduct for home visits

At our recent NCCG, a new policy document called “Code of Conduct for Home Visits” was distributed, but we unfortunately ran out of time to discuss this.  Please take the time to read this document and share with anyone on your team – especially coordinators and technicians – but anyone who may be required to make a home visit as part of delivering the Computers in Homes programme.

The Code of Conduct also touches on situations that could affect the safety of CIH personnel or contractors.  By way of a recent example, in one region, a technician encountered a domestic violence situation and while he did proceed to install the computer and internet connection, he only did this after ensuring the person being assaulted was okay and the abusing partner had left.  He promptly reported this to the CIH coordinator who visited the family to again check that the woman was okay.  The incident was then reported to us; in this particular case we agreed that any further follow up would best be managed locally.

This incident is a timely reminder of situations that coordinators and technicians will unfortunately encounter from time to time.  Please take this as an opportunity to reinforce our Code of Conduct and Health & Safety policies with any staff or contractors who are required to visit CIH family homes.

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