Temporary DSL connections while waiting for fibre

Good news!   2degrees has agreed to provide temporary DSL connections for CIH families who are expected to have to wait more than 6 weeks for a fibre connection – for a one off fee of $99 (incl GST).  We have agreed to pay this fee as part of the internet costs.

So what does this mean for you?

  1. In areas where UFB connections are available, UFB remains the first choice for CIH families, so you should continue to sign families up for this option.
  2. If 2degrees receives information from the local fibre company (or from a CIH Coordinator) that there is likely to be a delay of 6 weeks or more (for any reason) with the installation of the fibre connection, then 2degrees will provide a temporary DSL connection.
  3. Coordinators will need to provide a DSL modem and arrange for any local tech support to commission the service.
  4. When the fibre is available, 2degrees will courier the fibre modem to the family.  Coordinators will then need to arrange for a tech to visit the family to recover the DSL modem and commission the fibre one.
  5. The 12-month sponsored internet will commence when the temporary DSL service is provided.
  6. Coordinators will need to monitor progress with these temporary connections (suggest that notes be kept in Google Docs) by keeping in touch with the family and with 2degrees.

3 thoughts on “Temporary DSL connections while waiting for fibre

  1. Briar has asked about point 4: Commission?? Doe this mean we organise for someone to install the Fritzbox? Or should our techs know how to install? As I’m a tech for my latest school, do I do this? Where do I learn how to do this?

    Answer: Fitzboxes for fibre connections arrive “ready to go”. They just need to be connected to the ONT (optical network terminal) using a standard ethernet cable. Fritzboxes are WiFi enabled so they will connected to any WiFi devices. Alternatively you can use another ethernet cable to hard wire to a computer. You don’t have to be a tech to set this up!

  2. Hi Laurence

    Can you tell me whether we have to write any special instructions on the application or does this activate immediately?

    • Business as usual. Nothing special. If you think UFB is available, then you simply order a UFB connection. 2degrees will initiate the temporary connection and advise you if they expect a delay of 6 weeks or longer.

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