Recording family names in Google Docs

An enterprising coordinator has suggested that we reverse the firstname and lastname columns in Google Docs.  The reason for the lastname being recorded first is largely historical and pre-dates Google Docs.  I am proposing to make this change initially for the 2016-17 Google Docs unless anyone comes up with a compelling reason why we shouldn’t make the change.  Subject to any comments received, I would then make the same change on current google docs (2014-15 and 2015-16), effective from 1 July.

3 thoughts on “Recording family names in Google Docs

  1. I can see from a data entry point of view it could make it easier, but I prefer the surname first when conducting a family search.

  2. I prefer first name/last name myself. That’s the way it comes on the internet signup form.
    If I need to do a family search, I use the Find and Replace facility under the EDIT menu, or CTRL+H. It doesn’t matter then which name you use to search. In fact, it is a lot easier if you have to look for common names like Smith, but they have an unusual first name, or you remember even part of their name or address.
    Then you just scroll through looking for the Smith (or whoever) you want.

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