Internet transition payments at 12-months

Coordinators will be aware of our current practice to make a one-month transition payment of $65 to 2degrees for all families that opt for the 2DEG DD-TU (Direct Debit Top-Up) scheme.  This enables families to continue paying weekly ($15 instead of $10) for their internet connection, without incurring a sudden $65 Direct Debit hit on their bank account.

We continue to experience families who are somewhat tardy in responding to the deadline dates that we clearly set out in the 12-month reminder letter.  Despite Kristina’s best efforts, supported by coordinators, many families are failing to lodge their Direct Debit form by the 12-month termination date and as a result, 2degrees sets their accounts to terminate.

Our practice has been to make the $65 payments each Tuesday for any families opting for the DD-T U option, but despite indicating this preference, many families are not following through and completing a Direct Debit form.   Even though we have made a bridging payment, their accounts will still be terminated in the absence of a Direct Debit form.

So, as from this week, we will only be making transition payments after the Direct Debit form has been sent to 2degrees.  Transition payments will not be made for families in situations where the direct debit form has been submitted after the termination date, as it is likely that the account will already have been terminated.

If there are special circumstances, Kristina must be advised no later than  3pm each Monday so that transition payments can be loaded on the Tuesday.

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