New longitudinal CIH Research

Most coordinators (if not all) will have received a research “reminder” email by now. This is in line with our new research approach discussed at NCCG last week.  The letters relate to survey ‘contacts’ required for June 2016 for 2015-16 families.  Barbara is revising the 12-month survey, but I doubt if any 12-month surveys for 2015-16 families will be due in June;   she will have this uploaded by the time you need it.   The 3-month, 6-month and 9-month ‘surveys’ are mainly intended as a simple point of contact to ensure the google doc contact details are up to date and check out ‘how things are going’ with the family.  We expect you to mark up the master Research google doc with the dates when these contacts are made:  columns BT, BV, etc.

For the first contact can you also check that the alternate person contact details are correct (columns BJ – BO) and try and secure a second alternative contact (columns BP-BR).

Some of the data fields are locked to prevent accidental changes, but you will be able to edit contact details such as address, email and phone.  Use the notes column to record anything special.

If for any reason you are unable to make contact within 7 days of the specified date, or you know the person has moved, please alert me and we will replace that person with another one selected at random (who may or may not be in your region).

Any questions or comments, please get back to Barbara or me.  We are using the month of June as a bit of a test, but also an opportunity to lock down the families we have identified from the 2015-16 cohort.  2016-17 contracts with delivery partners and contractors will be revised accordingly, but we expect rejuvenation funding already budgeted for 2015-16 families to support this new activity.

2 thoughts on “New longitudinal CIH Research

  1. Hi Laurence, Where is the research master Google doc? My inbox is chocka, so I’m wondering if the link for this spreadsheet is hidden in there somewhere.

    Ngā mihi nui

    Christina Turner Central North Island Regional Coordinator, Computers in Homes 83 Stanners Street, Eltham 4322 Ph: 06 764 8049 Mob: 027 699 7429 Email: Website:

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