100GB now applied to all CIH family accounts

2degrees has confirmed today that all CIH family accounts have now had their data caps increased to 100GB.  This was supposed to happen on 1 April, but there was a software bug that has now been rectified;  all “cih” accounts have been automatically upgraded to 100GB.

It became progressively apparent that a number of accounts had missed the upgrade and although 2degrees has been immediately upgrading any account brought to their attention, this was starting to become a problem.  A number of coordinators have been checking the data usage on family accounts or asking families to do this themselves and then advising the CIH support team at 2degrees (Eddie and Sonia).

One enterprising coordinator tried the public 2degrees helpline and after waiting for 40 minutes was put through the grill by the call centre operator, who eventually took her word and upgraded the account.  A timely reminder to always use the email contact for Eddie and Sonia (cihsupport@2degreesenterprise.co.nz)- they are a great team and very responsive.

Today’s news means that this is a thing of the past, but it is always worthwhile checking. Families should have been trained how to monitor their own internet usage, but it is understandable if they have forgotten (see details below).

The only families we are waiting for absolute confirmation of are the ones who transitioned to 2degrees as regular (or custom) customers at the end of their 12-month sponsored period.  As they would have retained their “cih” user id, we are expecting that they would all have been upgraded along with existing families.  Worthwhile checking if someone has a friendly “ex” out there (by “ex” of course I mean an ex-CIH family, not the other sort!).

This is how you check your data:

Go to this website: https://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/

Click on “Your 2 Degrees” at the top. 

Then click on Broadband and Home Phone big blue login button. 

Enter the username: 


That will take you to your account that will show you how much data you have left.


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