Google Doc update for CIH graduations

We have a new approach for recording CIH graduation dates in Google Docs.  All coordinators  are requested to immediately update their sheets in the 2015-16 Google Doc as below.

The graduation date should be entered into Column T (Date Graduated) as soon as it is known which should be at least 4 weeks before the actual date.  Previously, I have discouraged you from entering the graduation date until the day of the graduation, but we now have a reason for wanting this entered earlier (this will be explained at the next NCCG hui).

For any families who do not complete the training and as a result do not graduate, the graduation date can simply be removed.

7 thoughts on “Google Doc update for CIH graduations

  1. Next year can the order of the Google Doc be altered so it is like the SNAP form. Then we can just cut and paste and minimise keying errors. Things like First Name then Surname instead of Surname then first name would be useful.

  2. YUSSS! But maybe change the title of the column to Graduation Date. Removes the confusion around date graduated.

  3. Part of the new Information Management Policy which says something about reducing the number of times the same data is inputted to reduce occasion for error? Bring it on!

  4. Not sure why there would be confusion – if the date is older than the current date, it is “actual”; if the date is in the future, then it is “planned”

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