The 100GB deal from 2degrees!

Coordinators will recall my earlier post about the increased monthly data cap for all Computers in Homes families from 50GB to 100GB from 1 April 2016.  Some coordinators have reported that some of their families do not appear to have had their cap increased. Online data usage checks as well as calls to the 2degrees Helpdesk have confirmed that the cap has not been changed for these families.  2degrees is investigating to find out why the increase hasn’t been automatically applied to all CIH families, but in the meantime if any families are complaining about “slow internet”  ask them to check their data usage online (or coordinators can do this for them).  If the limit still appears to be set for 50GB, please contact 2degrees  ( and they will immediately increase the limit to 100GB, as promised.

3 thoughts on “The 100GB deal from 2degrees!

  1. Cheers for picking up on that Sue, not quite sure how I missed it, could be a case of not seeing the forrest for the trees 😉 I’ve now uploaded an up-to-date copy.

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