12-month internet transition – a reminder

Kristina has just send out the 12-month internet transition letters for June with Direct Debit and AP forms as well as a stamped address return envelope – all 83 of them!  I have also sent an email copy of the letter to coordinators, so if you haven’t received one of these, you can just focus on your graduations and new internet sign-ups in June.

Just a reminder of how we expect things to work, noting that I did do an earlier post about this.

  1. By 10th of each month, Kristina sends out letters to all families reaching the end of their 12-month subsidised internet during the subsequent month, with copies to relevant coordinators.
  2. By 20th month, coordinators make contact with the families to ensure they have received the letter and find out if they need any help in completing the forms.
  3. The letters include a deadline date, which is 10 days before the 12-month expiry;  we ask families to return the Direct Debit form to Kristina in the pre-paid envelope by this date and the good news is that some are doing this.
  4. Kristina then scans the DD form to 2degrees and records the date in the 12-month Internet Control Sheet.
  5. Kristina will then proceed to contact by phone any families who have not sent in their DD forms; she marks up the Notes column (AT) with the date and outcome of the contact.  She may also request assistance from coordinators at this stage, but coordinators should not necessarily wait to be asked!
  6. Five days before the 12-month transition date, we ask families to lodge the revised AP form with their banks if they wish to continue paying weekly or fortnightly.
  7. If there has still been no contact with the family by this date, coordinators are asked to make every effort possible to intervene and try and contact the family – with a visit if necessary and practical.  There are now only 5 days before the account will be terminated, so coordinators are welcome to start contacting families earlier if they like.
  8. The most critical element is to get the DD form to 2degrees BEFORE the transition date.  Any coordinators sending these DD forms directly to 2degrees MUST record the date in the 12-month internet control sheet (column AV).
  9. We need a whole of team effort especially for families who have been good payers;  it is really disappointing to see their internet service disconnected just because we can’t get the paperwork sorted!

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