Toggl for Time Management

Coordinators will recall Sylvia’s presentation on Toggl at our Nelson hui.  I have been meaning to post the outcome from the discussion following her presentation about a sensible set of ‘project’ categories  for you to use to monitor your lives and find out where all the time goes.  It would also be really useful feedback for us when we try and scale the coordinator and delivery partner roles and develop new support roles.  So if anyone has joined the Toggl world, please feel free to share your reports with us.  I am not so interested in week-by-week reports as I know your workloads fluctuate wildly, but what would be good is a three or six month report.

The categories agreed were:

  • BYOD
  • Finance Related
  • General Admin
  • Kiwiskills
  • Media and Community Liaison
  • Meetings (incl NCCG)
  • Net Sign Ups
  • Rejuvenation
  • Reporting (incl surveys)
  • School Liaison (incl Graduations)
  • Stepping UP
  • Technical Admin (Ordering, fixing etc)
  • Training Set Up
  • Travel

4 thoughts on “Toggl for Time Management

  1. Hi Laurence. I was sending a toggl report with my monthly report. Should I go back to this when get back. It was really easy and painless to do. Janine

  2. I love Toggl. It helps me track my time, making sure I do my hours, and/or making sure I don’t go too far over my hours each week..
    It also helps my productivity. When I’m “on the clock”, I tend to focus better and manage interruptions better.

    Recommend this app.

  3. This is an interesting new feature in Toggl:
    Pity the monthly subscription is so expensive – $9 a month per user for the Pro plan, $18 a month per user if you want to add just one feature like the required fields one.
    It doesn’t sound much for just one person, but if 2020 is thinking of making a time tracker like Toggl mandatory, then the best thing would be to pay for it centrally, then add all CIH delivery partners (including us coordinators/partners) as team members.
    I don’t recommend such a course of action; far too expensive in the first place, both in monthly outlay, but also in someone’s time to track everyone’s time in each project area. And for no good reason that I can see. Tracking our work time is a personal thing, IMHO, useful for us individually to keep ourselves on target.
    But please don’t ask us to make 3- or 6- monthly Toggl reports a recurring thing. I don’t mind doing it once, or even twice, but any more than that, and I might just lie and say I don’t use Toggl!

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