Coordinator help needed with 12-month transitions

While we are trying to centralise the management of the 12-month internet transition process, we still need the help of coordinators.  Our first couple of months trialing our new processes have not been as successful as we had hoped.  In fact, to be honest, we are not doing as well as when coordinators were handling the process on their own!  The first few weeks of April have been a shocker with most families reaching the critical 12-month date without completing the necessary documentation to retain their connection.

Kristina and I reviewed our processes today and we think the problem is not as much about the new processes, it is just that they are not being operationalised as we had expected. So to recap, this is how it is supposed to work:

  1. Step 1 (Last day of the month):  CIH google docs are consolidated and sorted by date order
  2. Step 2 (by 10th day of the month): Letters and financial statements are sent by physical post to all families reaching the 12-month termination point during the subsequent month, with an email copy to the relevant coordinator (Update note:  from April 2016, this is now being sent as an attached file rather than embedded in the email, making it easier for coordinators to print out and re-send or hand deliver when families ‘lose or misplace’ the copy sent by post):
    • Each letter has a partially-completed 2degrees Direct Debit form and a partially completed 2degrees AP form, as well as a stamped addressed return envelope;
    • Families are asked to return the Direct Debit form to Kristina in the stamped addressed envelope and take the AP form to their bank if they wish to continue with weekly or fortnightly payments;
    • A date for returning the DD form is clearly stated; this is 10 days before the termination date;
    • Kristina marks up the Transition Google Doc as DD forms are received and records the date they are scanned and sent to 2degrees.
  3. New Step 3 (by 20th day of the month): Coordinators make contact with each family to make sure they have received the letter and DD form and understand what they need to do by when. (Thanks Sue D for the suggestion)
  4. Step 4 (10 days before the termination date):  If DD forms are not returned by the due date, Kristina makes an effort to contact the family and records the outcome in the Transition Google Doc.  If she is unable to make contact she requests the assistance of the CIH coordinator.
  5. Step 5 (no later than 5 days before the termination date): Coordinators are expected to use their local networks to contact the family and assist them return the DD form to Kristina no later than the termination date.
  6. Step 6 (at the termination date): families who have not completed and returned a DD form will be disconnected.

Some families have complained about never receiving the termination letter, possibly because they have changed their postal address.  It is the responsibility of coordinators to mark up address and other contact details in the master google doc progressively throughout the year, so that the contact information is accurate at the time the letters are sent.

All coordinators also have access to the transition document;  while we are trying to centralise the transition process, we would appreciate the support of coordinators to take a note of their families reaching the 12-month mark (a good time to check is around the 10th day of every month or when you receive copies of the letters to families) and provide whatever assistance they can to Kristina to help with this process.  It is so disappointing to have to terminate the internet connection, especially for families who have never missed a payment, just because we can’t contact them or they can’t contact us.


2 thoughts on “Coordinator help needed with 12-month transitions

  1. What about a simple follow-up phone call a week after the letter has been sent, just to confirm that the letter has been received, and to clarify the process with client. Many simply wouldn’t understand the letter/is in the too hard basket. Also, it is possible on internet startup for a screen shot saying “Your internet contract expires on 02/08/16. You should receive a letter with instructions in the post by 15/07/16. If not, please contact 0800….. to find out more, otherwise your internet will be cut off on the 02/08/16”

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