Engaging subcontractors

Computers in Homes coordinators have delegated authority to appoint subcontractors to assist with the delivery of certain aspects of the programme.  Specifically this includes:

  • Computers in Homes trainers to deliver 20 hours of training for groups of participating families
  • Stepping UP trainers to deliver 2-hour training modules (noting that our preference is to progressively migrate these costs to libraries)
  • Technicians to provide technical support for families, as required, for 12 months post graduation
  • Technicians to carry out Warrant of Fitness checks on computers at 12 months (applies only to families from the 2014-15 funding year and earlier)
  • Rejuvenation Surveys to complete the 12-month “follow up” survey

Templates for all these subcontracts are available in the secure area of the Computers in Homes website.  These MUST be completed and signed before any work is undertaken. A copy must also be sent to the 2020 Trust Contracts Director for any subcontractors engaged by a 2020 Trust contractor.

Most contractors are following these procedures but we felt a reminder was timely because a situation has recently arisen where a subcontractor was engaged without a written contract and there was confusion about responsibilities when a problem arose.

We also suggest that at least one written reference be sought whenever a new subcontractor is engaged and that a copy be attached to the contract.  This is especially important for people who will be required to go onto school grounds for training families and for technicians who may be required to go into CiH family homes.

3 thoughts on “Engaging subcontractors

  1. Could you please outline the process for police vetting Trainers and Technicians as out Police Vetting has now expired here.

  2. And also please ensure the contracted person does not invoice for more money than the contracted hours and max dollar amount, e.g. trainers wanting more hours as “catchup”, techs invoicing more than $100 per WOF. Thanks

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