Police checks not required for parents attending CIH Training

One of our coordinators has been advised by a school she is working with that parents coming onto the school grounds for Computers in Homes training will need to be police checked, especially families not known to the school, who may be participating from another school.  This seemed a bit strange to us, so we checked with the Ministry, and guess what, we are not the first to encounter this concern.  The Ministry has a very clear guideline about schools’ responsibilities for this matter.  Worth taking a look  at the guideline as this relates to other people coming onto school properties as well.  But what is very clear is there is no requirement for police checks on parents or other visitors to the school (with the Board’s consent).

3 thoughts on “Police checks not required for parents attending CIH Training

  1. It often depends on who is auditing the school, and if there is any history or has been concern there in thd past. I have encountered it where one individual in either Governance or Management has got an issue for whatever reason and over-interprets the guidelines. Usually it’s best not to argue, get into it with them (we don’t live in their environment we only want to visit it) or open that can of worms if they have a school policy. Whatever that is, be assured the school community have debated it, argued and consulted about it and that’s their thing. Best to go to a nearby school or other community facility and ask thd school to encourage their families to attend.

  2. WWe always train in the evenings now once children have all left as we had a school that wanted parents coming in during school hours to be vetted. It makes life way easier for both sides.

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