New 2degrees CIH offer from 1 April 2016

2degrees has offered to increase the data cap for all CIH families to 100GB per month from 1 April 2016.  The unlimited YouTube offer will continue without affecting the data cap.  When the data cap is reached the service will slow down as it currently does.  The trade off is that the price will increase to $65 per month (incl GST), up from the current $59.95.

So what does this mean for families contributing towards the cost of their internet connections during the first 12 months?

  • Weekly payments will remain at $10
  • Fortnightly payments will remain at $20
  • Monthly payments will increase to $43.50

After 12 months when the government subsidy is removed, families will need to pay the full cost of the internet connection, i.e.

  • Weekly payments of $15
  • Fortnightly payments of $30
  • Monthly payments will increase to $65

The new data cap and pricing applies to all new CIH connections from 1 April 2016 as well as families reaching the end of their subsidised 12-month period.  All current CIH families will have their data cap increased to 100GB at no additional charge.

4 thoughts on “New 2degrees CIH offer from 1 April 2016

  1. Once families have migrated to 2degrees, the relationship is between 2degrees and them – none of our business to put it frankly. I would expect that 2degrees would offer them the same deals as their other customers, which means that they would get the higher data cap.

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