Dick Smith closure

On 25 February 2016, the Dick Smith receivers announced that all Dick Smith stores, including those in New Zealand, would close.  Unlike the earlier announcement when the receivers hoped to find a new buyer, the decision to close all New Zealand stores in 8 weeks does mean that we need to change some processes around our BYOD scheme.

  1. All devices purchased under our BYOD scheme are now out of warranty, so there is no need for the devices to go to a Dick Smith store for assessment.
  2. Any problems with the devices must continue to be reported to Kristina (0800 272020); she will record details and provide instructions.
  3. This is likely to involve asking the families concerned to drop off their faulty device to the school point of contact or to the CiH coordinator; the device is then to be couriered to Kristina (we will cover charges).
  4. Kristina will follow up the insurance claim in the same way that she does now.  The repaired device will be returned to the coordinator, school or family.

So it is still pretty-much business as usual with the one exception that we can no longer use the local Dick Smith store as a drop-off point.

Any questions, please contact Kristina.

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