Upgrading from DSL to UFB not an option during initial 12 months

A question has been raised by one of our CIH families waiting for a UFB internet connection about whether we would support an upgrade to UFB when it becomes available if they start with Naked DSL.  This would certainly be nice to do, but doesn’t fit our current funding and service delivery model with 2degrees.

  1. When we sign a family up for internet service, they are agreeing to a 12-month contract.  If this contract is broken within the 12 months then an early termination fee of $99 is payable.  But it is worse than this.  Our funding model pre-purchases internet connectivity in 6-month chunks, so any change during the 6-month period puts us out of pocket.
  2. So families have to be forewarned that once they make a decision, they need to stick with it for 12 months.
  3. This then raises the question of what we will fund if the family chooses to upgrade to UFB on termination of their 12-month subsidised CIH internet. We do not contribute funding to any upgrade package;  families must accept responsibility for this themselves, including the cost of a UFB router (between $200 and $350).  We are happy to assist migrate them to become a regular paying customer with 2degrees, but this will be on the same terms as their CIH internet connection.  They are then free to negotiate an upgrade package directly with 2degrees (at their own cost).
  4. Another question has arisen about families who want to increase their monthly data cap during the initial 12-month subsidised period.  We do not have an arrangement with 2degrees to support this, so the message to families must be: live within the 50GB monthly allowance plus unlimited YouTube for the initial 12 months (although at a pinch, they could exit at 6 months if they are willing to pay the $99 break fee).

2 thoughts on “Upgrading from DSL to UFB not an option during initial 12 months

  1. Hi Laurence. I think some of these might be mine. Everyone wants the UFB Gigatown because they are still giving us uncapped. Unfortunately most of our families still don’t have access to UFB yet especially in South Dunedin. I am steering them towards Naked but they think they are missing out on something. So I’m not sure how to explain the two options to them so they sound fair.

  2. Quite simple. If UFB is available, go for UFB. If not available, then families have to make a choice about going with Naked DSL now (which is what we would recommend) or waiting for UFB (and we can’t make any promises about how long this might take).

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