Impact of Dick Smith receivership for CIH BYOD pilot

Most of you will be aware that during the Christmas break Dick Smith was placed into receivership.

This raises the question about how this might affect families on our BYOD scheme, in particular when it comes to insurance claims (all devices are now out of their 1-year warranty).

The simple answer is that nothing changes.  The devices procured for the BYOD pilot have been paid for in full by the 2020 Trust and they remain the property of 2020 Trust until such time that families have paid for them in full.

Families must continue to report faulty or damaged devices to Kristina (0800 27 2020). Kristina will prepare the paperwork for the family to take with their device to their nearest Dick Smith store.  The Dick Smith store couriers the device to Kristina, who lodges the insurance claim.  After repair (or replacement) devices are returned directly to the family or via the local Dick Smith store.

2 thoughts on “Impact of Dick Smith receivership for CIH BYOD pilot

  1. As nothing has changed there is no need to formally notify families. If any families ask then you can explain it is business as usual. As many families are nearing the end of their payment period, we will be writing to everyone with an up-to-date statement I will remind them about the process for making insurance claims.

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