2 Degrees price increase alert!

Recently a family who had just moved from their first 12 months of CIH-subsidised Internet to paying directly to 2degrees found that on the 4th December they were charged $59.95 and on 5th January they were charged $60.90.

2degrees provided the following explanation:

“This is a charge that the Government has added to all providers. It’s called the Telecommunications Development Levy (TDL) and is an industry wide levy that is administered by the government. The funds are used for initiatives such as improving broadband coverage in rural areas, reducing mobile coverage black spots, and improving the 111 emergency services. This totals 95c across the board for all our plans and all other providers too. They [the customer] would have been notified on their Bills what the new charge was.”

Now this was total news to us, so we will checking with 2degrees to see how this affects all our CIH packages.  We raised with 2degrees before Christmas that we felt it was about time the data cap of 5oGB was lifted (or preferably removed!).

There are also other potential price changes as a result of the 15 December 2015 Commerce Commission decision on unbundled copper loop services.  2degrees advised us that they would provide an update early 2016.

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