Private lessons for CIH families

Sylvia has been approached by her CIH tutors asking if they are able to provide private lessons (for a fee) to former students.  These are two older woman who have just started using computers and did struggle a bit in a class situation. They have approached the CIH tutor together, offering to pay for her time to provide additional support. One of the CIH participants has a disability that means she can no longer write so she is particularly motivated to learn more. Her grandchildren are helping but are younger so don’t yet know enough to help as much as she’d like. She also lives on the outskirts of town and can’t easily travel.

My comment:  We need to make sure that tutors do not put any pressure on participants to pay for more training – especially when we offer Stepping UP for free. It is clear from the above situation that the participants have approached the tutor and so this seems absolutely fine to me.

Di’s comment: As long as the tutor is not doing the lessons in the name of Computers in Homes, i.e. not using us as her credentials for private business or cash employment, this should be fine.  This was what the volunteer hours of the CIH Buddy was meant to be for, but we recognise this has proved to be too hard to manage in most regions.

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