Success stories needed for Mid-Term Report

I know the sun is still shining in most parts of the country and some of you might still think you are holiday BUT we have a mid-term report to produce for the Ministry of Education and our many stakeholders.  Stories were due on 31 December 2015, as well as   I a stunning hi-res photo uploaded to the media repository (Mid-Term January 2016 folder).  Only FIVE coordinators met this deadline and a further one has submitted a story since then.  The success stories we are seeking must clearly explain what a CIH family has achieved as a result of participating in Computers in Homes (and just attending training and getting a computer and internet connection is not enough  – this is just the means to help change something).  The question we need to answer is what difference has this made to the families we support?  What difference to their children’s learning?  What difference to parent engagement with their children’s schools?  We prefer that you identify someone who graduated at least 12 months ago – not someone in the current programme cohort.  New coordinators should check out last year’s mid-term report to see the sort of stories we need.  A special focus should be education outcomes, parent engagement with the school, children achievements – we are funded by the Ministry of Education and it is not unreasonable for them to expect to see lots of evidence of positive education engagement included in our reports.

I recognise this might be hard for new coordinators to identify families from over 12 months ago, but please consult with your predecessors and your Steering Committees to identify someone in your community.  We have supported 15,000 people on the programme during the last 15 years.  All I need from you is to identify just one in each of your communities.

So those of you who have not yet submitted a story, please do so immediately and certainly no later than Friday 29 January.

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