Skinny could be interesting

I am not talking about my diet, but rather Spark’s low cost pre-pay mobile provider called Skinny.  They are offering a whopping 60GB data cap for just $55 per month and the first month is free.  OK, there is a $199 connection cost to procure the wireless modem and SIM card.  But this is a giant leap forward from the usual 3GB monthly data caps provided for around the same price by other mobile providers.

We have been advocating for some time that an affordable pre-pay option for Computers in Homes families might be a more sustainable solution than fixed monthly charges.  And Skinny could be giving us this opportunity.

Alistair has been doing some homework for us about how we might operationalise this.  As a pre-pay service, there is no such thing as invoices and accounts.  Families require a debit or credit card and have total control over how much they want to pre-load their accounts. There appear to be very good mobile phone tools for alerting users as they approach their data caps.

We still have a bit of work to do to work out how we can top up a family’s account, but this is promoted as one of the features – to be able to top up your Skinny mates accounts.  So we know it is possible.  There is also an auto top-up feature, so provided these two features work together we should be good to go.

If it seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t (I am sure today’s news of the single Flyby point to purchase a $1500 iPad is fresh in everyone’s minds!).  So what is the downside with Skinny?  Coverage could be an issue, as the service relies on 4G, but this can be checked on the Skinny website.

So anyone who is struggling to get a broadband connection for one of their families, plug in their address and see if Skinny is an option.  If so let me know and we can give it a whirl.


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