2015-16 CiH Google Doc – New columns added

Some new data fields have been added to the 2015-16 Google Doc.

(1) Column W (Premises):  We would like to get better statistics on internet connections by type of premises.  This is to help us understand the challenges for families, who we suspect are mainly in rental accommodation, in securing landlord permission to install new copper or fibre internet connections.  There are three options in the pull-down menu (Owner Occupier, Housing NZ, Private Rental).  You can capture this information from the 2degrees Internet Signup forms where we ask for the Landlord name.  The current signup form only asks for landlord details for UFB connections but we would like to capture this information for all connections, as we are striking problems with landlord approvals for copper connections as well.

(2) Columns BH – BN (Alternate contact details):  This information is also currently collected on 2degrees signup forms, but not recorded in our national database.  We think this information might help us contact families at the 12  month transition when we have trouble contacting them directly as well as help in the future for research purposes.

For those of you who have already graduated families in the current financial year, it would be helpful to populate these fields from the internet signup forms in your files.


6 thoughts on “2015-16 CiH Google Doc – New columns added

  1. Hi Laurence.

    Another add to the drop down in W could be council. I’ve come across some interesting things down here. Although DCC pushed hard for Gigatown to date they have been the only landlords to decline the install of fibre in their premises.

  2. Groan! More columns in Google docs! However, I totally agree with adding data for Alternate contacts. I’ve found this information to be invaluable in the past, and adding it to G/Docs at the start means that Kristina won’t have to contact us to ask for that information down the line. Well done.
    BTW, any news on the national database?

  3. Heya. Just double checking we only need this information for internet sign ups? Not people that don’t go for a net sign up?

    • We do ask all families to complete the internet sign-up form – this then clearly indicates whether or not they already have an internet connection. We would then capture the other information about premises and alternate contact if there are other matters we need to contact families about during their 12-month supported period, like surveys. Sue D had a lot of trouble contacting families for the 12-month survey; an alternate contact might be helpful to find out if the family has changed their contact details or moved, for example. Would save us time chasing dead ends.

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