Coordinator responsibility for families after 12 months

A recent question has arisen about coordinator responsibilities after the initial 12-month supported period.  Once families have transitioned to an ongoing internet arrangement, they are no longer your responsibility.  Families who we agree to accept onto our Extension AP scheme become Kristina’s responsibility; these families are clearly identified in Google Dcos with purple shading.  Coordinators must refer any inquiries about families on the Extension Scheme directly to Kristina.  The problem has arisen because from 2 Degrees viewpoint, these families are still linked to a Computers in Homes region, which means their first point of contact is with the regional coordinator.  Di and I will take this up with the new team at 2 Degrees to see if we can reassign families on the Extension Scheme to a new account, but in the past this was not straightforward, so don’t hold your breath!

A reminder about why we accept families onto our Extension Scheme;  this is normally to address credit issues families may have and are likely to fail a credit check.  By pre-paying their accounts for 6 months, this ensures they can retain their internet connections.  They must of course increase their weekly AP to us from $10 to $16, and provided they maintain a good payment record with us we will continue to renew their connection every 6 months.  Families on our Extension Scheme who default on payments to us will have their account terminated at the 6-month point.

One thought on “Coordinator responsibility for families after 12 months

  1. I think that as soon as they get their arrears under control and are maintaining their $16 a week payments, they should be transitioned to 2degrees at the nearest 6 month mark. Unless, of course, they fail 2degrees’ credit check, in which case, ignore the forgoing comment!
    Sometimes things happen beyond their control and they get behind and don’t know how to get things back in order, but wouldn’t necessarily fail a credit check.

    Christina T.

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