Rejuvenations Q&A

Some questions from Sylvia and my responses:

  1. Question:  I’m trying doing it without a WoF.  Can I confirm that the budget is $50/survey? Can we spend any extra on incentives? Like could we offer that we send a $20 petrol voucher if they fill it in?

Answer: Budget is $45 (+GST if registered) for each completed survey.  For 2014-15 families (and earlier) there is also budget for WOFs, but if you are not doing these then you are welcome to try incentives along the lines you have suggested to encourage responses (but be careful about setting precedences as this budget is not available for 2015-16 families when they become due for rejuvenations (post July 2016)

  1. I am hiring someone to help with this. Do I need a contract with him? Assuming so!

Answer:  Yes, you have assumed correctly.  We need documentation in the form of our one page contracts for everyone that we pay (similar to trainers and techs).

  1. How far back should he go? There are people in the 13-14 year who haven’t been contacted. Should he contact them too?

Answer: You are welcome to pursue families from 2013-14.

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