Google Docs and colour counts

You may recall that I mentioned a new tool at our recent hui.  The colour count (red, orange, yellow) is now active on your individual google doc sheets.  Cells B3 to B5 record the count of these cells in each sheet, so it is a good alert for things that coordinators need to attend to.  Red indicates something requiring urgent attention; orange means missing data and yellow means something isn’t quite right.  You must not remove the red or orange colouring (I will do this when I am satisfied the issues have been dealt with) but I do expect you to remove the yellow shading when you have confirmed that the information is in fact correct.

Now there is trick to getting cells B3 to B5 to update.  You must change the number in the green cell A2.  It doesn’t matter what you change it to – it just has to be a change, so my suggestion if it is showing a “1”, simply change the number  to “2” and then next time change it back to “1”.  After a short pause, the coloured cells will change to Loading…. and then report the new counts.  Give it a go by shading one of the cells in your sheet and then changing cell A2.

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