Let’s stop drowning in email

A good point was made at our recent hui about email overload.  So let’s revert to some other tools, like this WordPress site.  I’ll start posting my updates here.  If you want to get email alerts when something new is posted, there is way to do this.  I know Tania has done this, so maybe she will reply to this post with instructions.

7 thoughts on “Let’s stop drowning in email

  1. I get alerts but don’t know how I set it up. Must have been a yes/no option at the beginning. If I did not get an alert I would not bother going in somewhere to look to see if there was anything there. FB is enough for me! Not happy about having to leave my email, name etc each time I want to comment though. Emails are fine by me.

    • It’s a security feature I think so Laurence can moderate the blood and block. You don’t have to enter each time as it recognises you and auto fills the fields. Well it did for me 🙂

    • Hi all
      If you are logged in to e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ then you won’t need to supply other details to reply.
      If not logged in, you can click relevant icon (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) above and right of details box to easily login. Those are the icons I see. Not sure if you only see icons for services you have accounts on…

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