Computers in Homes Mid-Term Report

We will be publishing our next mid-term report in January 2016.  So what that means is that we need a success case study from each region with photo by 31 December 2015.  Photos should be uploaded as high res files to our media repository.  Please upload your photos to the CIH Mid-Term Report (Jan 2016) folder.

2 thoughts on “Computers in Homes Mid-Term Report

  1. I see no difference from getting this and getting an email. Am I missing something?

    Di Daniels

    National Coordinator Tumuaki

    Computers in Homes Rorohiko I roto ngā Kāinga

    DDI: +64-4-4710815 Mob: 0274-133-677

    CIH Logo National reduced

  2. It’s all about being able to find stuff when it is relevant. The point made at the hui was that emails only work if the issue is current. If not, it disappears out of sight and mind and is impossible to find when eventually needed.

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