Coordinator responsibility for families after 12 months

A recent question has arisen about coordinator responsibilities after the initial 12-month supported period.  Once families have transitioned to an ongoing internet arrangement, they are no longer your responsibility.  Families who we agree to accept onto our Extension AP scheme become Kristina’s responsibility; these families are clearly identified in Google Dcos with purple shading.  Coordinators must refer any inquiries about families on the Extension Scheme directly to Kristina.  The problem has arisen because from 2 Degrees viewpoint, these families are still linked to a Computers in Homes region, which means their first point of contact is with the regional coordinator.  Di and I will take this up with the new team at 2 Degrees to see if we can reassign families on the Extension Scheme to a new account, but in the past this was not straightforward, so don’t hold your breath!

A reminder about why we accept families onto our Extension Scheme;  this is normally to address credit issues families may have and are likely to fail a credit check.  By pre-paying their accounts for 6 months, this ensures they can retain their internet connections.  They must of course increase their weekly AP to us from $10 to $16, and provided they maintain a good payment record with us we will continue to renew their connection every 6 months.  Families on our Extension Scheme who default on payments to us will have their account terminated at the 6-month point.

Invoice processing over the Christmas Holidays

Out last invoice processing day for 2015 will be Monday 21 December, which means all invoices need to be with us by Friday 18 December.  We can pre-load invoices due between Christmas and New Year to go through on the correct dates.  The first invoice processing day for 2016 with be Monday 11 January.

Rejuvenations Q&A

Some questions from Sylvia and my responses:

  1. Question:  I’m trying doing it without a WoF.  Can I confirm that the budget is $50/survey? Can we spend any extra on incentives? Like could we offer that we send a $20 petrol voucher if they fill it in?

Answer: Budget is $45 (+GST if registered) for each completed survey.  For 2014-15 families (and earlier) there is also budget for WOFs, but if you are not doing these then you are welcome to try incentives along the lines you have suggested to encourage responses (but be careful about setting precedences as this budget is not available for 2015-16 families when they become due for rejuvenations (post July 2016)

  1. I am hiring someone to help with this. Do I need a contract with him? Assuming so!

Answer:  Yes, you have assumed correctly.  We need documentation in the form of our one page contracts for everyone that we pay (similar to trainers and techs).

  1. How far back should he go? There are people in the 13-14 year who haven’t been contacted. Should he contact them too?

Answer: You are welcome to pursue families from 2013-14.

CIH families who withdraw before graduation

It would be good to have a consistent approach for recording details about families who withdraw from Computers in Homes before graduation.  We have never gathered this statistic, because our practice has simply been to fill the spare slot with another family.  Some coordinators have started to mark families as a withdrawal and have asked me to move them to the bottom of their  Google doc sheets (see Whanganui 2015-16 as an example). So I think this is a good way of monitoring the number of families who start their CIH journey but for some reason have been unable to complete.  Please add a comment in the Notes column explaining the reason for the withdrawal.  I will add extra lines and family numbers as required to compensate.

Google Docs and colour counts

You may recall that I mentioned a new tool at our recent hui.  The colour count (red, orange, yellow) is now active on your individual google doc sheets.  Cells B3 to B5 record the count of these cells in each sheet, so it is a good alert for things that coordinators need to attend to.  Red indicates something requiring urgent attention; orange means missing data and yellow means something isn’t quite right.  You must not remove the red or orange colouring (I will do this when I am satisfied the issues have been dealt with) but I do expect you to remove the yellow shading when you have confirmed that the information is in fact correct.

Now there is trick to getting cells B3 to B5 to update.  You must change the number in the green cell A2.  It doesn’t matter what you change it to – it just has to be a change, so my suggestion if it is showing a “1”, simply change the number  to “2” and then next time change it back to “1”.  After a short pause, the coloured cells will change to Loading…. and then report the new counts.  Give it a go by shading one of the cells in your sheet and then changing cell A2.

Let’s stop drowning in email

A good point was made at our recent hui about email overload.  So let’s revert to some other tools, like this WordPress site.  I’ll start posting my updates here.  If you want to get email alerts when something new is posted, there is way to do this.  I know Tania has done this, so maybe she will reply to this post with instructions.