Some families are asking for more than one BYOD device

Families in some schools are asking if they can procure more than one device through our equity scheme.  The short answer is no – all our processes have been set up for just one device, at least for the pilot programme.  However there are always exceptions – one family in Dunedin had twins, both in the same BYOD class.  So clearly we can’t say “no” in cases like this.  The innovative solution developed by Janine was to get another family member to register and pay for the second device.  In one case it was a separated spouse; in another a grandparent.

So there are ways to say “yes” even when initially we say “no”.  Our rules:

An individual can only purchase one device; they will be allocated a family number and be required to set up an standalone automatic payment.  There is nothing stopping a second adult member of the family purchasing a second device, but it must be registered under their name with a separate AP.  The APs can even come from the same bank account, but must be set up as two separate APs, each clearly identified with the different family numbers.

In Dunedin, one of the families short-circuited this process by following the first set of rules with two family members signing up for devices but then combined the APs into a single $20/week payment for the two devices against just one of the family numbers.  Every week Kristina has to remember who the two linked families are in order to reconcile $10 to one account and $10 to a different account.  This is not easy to do when you are processing hundreds of APs every day, as she is.

If we decide to extend the scheme beyond the pilot we will include an option for purchasing more than one device, but this will still only apply in special circumstances, and only when the family has established a trusted credit record with us.

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