UFB option for Computers in Homes Families

SNAP has announced that it will provide UFB internet connections for Computers in Homes families at the same discounted price as Naked DSL, i.e. $60/month (incl GST).  This includes a 50GB monthly data cap (an increase of 20GB over the current 30GB for DSL connections.  CIH coordinators have raised some implementation questions and I will respond to these here so that everyone is getting the same information.

There will be limitations on availability as the UFB roll-out is still in progress, but it is in the interests of CiH families to get a 21st century internet connection (fibre) wherever possible.  You will recall from our visit to the Chorus Lab in Auckland earlier this year that the local fibre company(LFC) – Chorus, Enable, Northpower or Ultrafast Fibre – covers all the costs of installing the fibre connection to the house as well as a termination device called an Optical Network Termination (ONT).  For families living in rental accommodation, the landlord will of course need to give permission for the fibre to be installed from the street to the house, but it is the responsibility of the LFC to get this permission.  This gets quite complicated in multi-tenanted dwellings but that is not our problem to solve. It might be helpful to start capturing information about accommodation ownership at the time families signup for an internet connection.

One difference with DSL connections is that SNAP will be providing the modem /router at a heavily discounted price ($199 incl GST compared to normal retail of $345 incl GST).  While this is a higher cost than we are currently paying the Ark and some other suppliers for modems ($86.25 incl GST), it is a much more robust device and comes as a condition of the SNAP UFB service.

SNAP is currently able to offer the UFB internet service in most towns covered by the UFB rollout.  The only exceptions are Whangarei (due 1 December 2014), Taupo and Whakatane (both due January 2015) and Gisborne and Paraparaumu (both to be confirmed).  Before requesting a UFB service make sure that families are in one of the urban areas covered by UFB, as shown on the Crown Fibre Holdings website.

Further posts will be made to this blog to address specific issues raised by coordinators.

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